Heavenly Honey in Ojai, California for Pure, Raw, All Natural Honey with their own Bee Keepers and Tasting Room.

Flavors include Sage, Orange, Orange Blossom, Clover, Wildflower, Buckwheat, Alfalfa, and Avocado – BUY NOW!

This honey really is quite heavenly. We have always been very careful to treat the honey gently, never overheating as that would dramatically change the delicate flavor. We look at honey a lot like fine wine. It is a direct reflection of the area from which it is produced, the weather, location and floral sources and harvesting all influence the honey’s individual character.

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Aroma and Flavor

Not all honeys smell the same. Some, especially those based on citrus, have a distinctive scent that intensifies when the oney is warmed. Open a jar of orange blossom honey that has been standing on a breadfast table in the garden on a sunny morning and the perfume will be irresistible. Honey connoisseurs, like professional wine tasters, pay much attention to the ‘nose’.

The flavor of honey is determined by the plant nectar from which it came. If the honey is polyfloral, someone with an educated palate may be able to detect the dominant source, at least, but the flavor is not likely to be particularaly noteworthy. Where bees forage amoung mixed plants, as in a wild flower meadow, each batch of honey may be slightly different, depending on the proportions of the various nectars. This is part of the magic if you are buying honey from a small independent producer, but in the commercial world blending will almost certainly have ironed out these subtle differences.